Football Theory and Football Tactics with Raymond Verheijen, Orlando, July 28-29, 2018

Football Theory and Football Tactics with Raymond Verheijen, Orlando, July 28-29, 2018

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"The information is extraordinary" 
Anson Dorrance
"A ground breaking approach that can benefit anyone who loves the game" 
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This World Football Academy 2-day course, with special guest instructor Raymond Verheijen, will take place at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 July, 2018.

The World Football Academy has developed this internationally renowned education program for football coaching professionals looking to develop themselves as coaches and give their teams a competitive advantage.

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Day 1 Football Theory:

In many professions, the practitioners apply universal references and terminology to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding. In football, however, coaches approach their job based on their own subjective opinions, experience and terms. In this Football Theory course, Raymond Verheijen will educate coaches, in four blocks, about the objective and universal football reference and language based on the characteristics of the game. 

  • Block 1: Football Philosophy
  • Block 2: Communication - Tactics
  • Block 3: Decision Making - Game Insight
  • Block 4: Executing Decisions - Technique.

A deeper understanding of this universal football reference will allow coaches to have a more objective starting point when coaching and training 1) communication, 2) decision making, 3) executing decisions and 4) football fitness. The universal football language presented will allow coaches to be more precise and to-the-point when coaching players.

Day 2 Football Tactics:

In football, tactical communication between players is of the highest order. The role of tactics in football is to optimize the verbal and non-verbal communication between players and to avoid miscommunication. In this Football Tactics course, Raymond Verheijen will educate coaches in the WHAT and HOW of football tactics.

Coaches will learn how to develop better passing exercises, positional games, tactical games and/or football conditioning game for a) attacking, b) defending and c) transitioning within the context of multiple tactical formations.

Block 1: Principles of Communication

Block 2: Communication is the Foundation of Tactical Exercises

Block 3: Methodology within Tactical Exercises

Block 4: Developing Methodology within Tactical Formations


With an immaculate track record and extensive background in football, Raymond Verheijen is the leader in football conditioning and has introduced his unique football specific approach successfully throughout the world.

By attending this course you will receive invaluable information to develop as a coach and to be able to maximise your team’s success.


As a coach you take players out of their comfort zone to allow them to improve. You create uncomfortable and challenging situations for your players and you expect them to deal with it. This is what we call overload. World renowned coach educator Raymond Verheijen is well-known for applying this exact same principle when educating coaches. So, this session will not be your normal comfortable coaching course. Instructor Verheijen will create his famous challenging and uncomfortable 'dressing room' environment to help accelerate your development as a coach. Please only sign up if you are ready to challenge yourself and your beliefs.


As a result of completing this course you will receive a WFA certificate.


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09.00 am - 05.00 pm 

Please note, sessions may extend beyond 5.00pm finish.

Registration on Saturday begins at 08:40 am for a prompt 09:00 am start.


UFC Campus, Classroom Building II, Room 106, University of Central Florida, 12650 Gemini Blvd N, Orlando, FL, 32816